It’s Nice here

1707 - Chapter Eight

It was melting hot day to hitchhike in, and maybe that’s why we failed. Wait what!? Yes, our semi-boiling brains gave in to the temptation of BlaBlaCar. Sorry to disappoint, but we had good a reason - Herbie Hancock was playing in Nice! We had bought tickets a few days before and were ready to end our trip with a jazzy explosion of augmented chords, improvisation and a Nice atmosphere (sorry for the pun :b). Videos taketh away.

Map of the day!

Feel Good Inc.

Ready for Herbie Hancock

Oh, Herbie!

The Aftermath

#Tree #GarbageContainer #IAmAStreetPhotographer

#LookAtThahBike #IAmAStreetPhotographer

The Secret Mission

And thus ends the seventh chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama.

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama