Our friends, the strangers

1407 - Chapter Five

Hitchhiking doesn’t always go as planned, but, hopefully, there is joy waiting for you in the unknown. This is the story of how a hot and unlucky (hitchhiking wise) start in Paris turned into a row joyous encounters. It all started out with us leaving our hostel in the morning. Hopeful and sweaty we walked towards the highway. Our plan was simple: let’s go south! We would use the big highway A6 and we, therefore, positioned ourselves near the access. Plenty of unlucky hours went by before a kind and generous soul finally picked us up. He fed us cakes, drove us unto the highway, and was an all-around lovely guy! After a few more rides, we were just a hundred kilometers south of Paris. Not exactly the speed with which we expected to travel. Seemingly stranded in a supermarket parking lot, our saviors arrived, driving in a ‘blast from the past’-vehicle AKA a ‘73 Volkswagen of the red kind. We immediately hit it off with Gaëtan and Hortense. It was more like meeting friends that you hadn’t seen for a few years rather than meeting strangers. They invited us to join their weekend trip into a magical forest about a 100 kilometers south.

We really stepped up our game in the video department. So the rest of the story can be watched :)


Free ride and free cakes = we just won hitchhiking

Free ride + free food = Happy campers

Casually snacking outside a supermarket

Map of the Day!

Safety warning: no seat belt

Let me introduce: Gaëtan!

And Hortense!

Diama enjoying the view

Dizzy with glasses

Diama, also with glasses

Okay. We all had glasses on.. :D

Human flaw #4: Bad night vision

NJALP: Not Just Another Long Exposure Photo

This might just be.

And this one just rocks...

And thus ends the fifth chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama.

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama