I can has wine!?

1307 - Chapter Four

Slighty hungover, we managed to get out of our lovely private hotel room and down to one of the best-rated cafés for brunch. Plane tickets were bought (yes we are cheating on our way back, but more about that later), food digested and coffee drunk. Then we moved onto discovering the city. We found the Luxembourg Park, which was quite nice and relaxing. Our throats began to become dry and we were in desperate need of the liquid France is most known for. Luckily good wine is cheap and ubiquitous, and we even managed to get it opened by the cashier! Frenching it up in the streets with a bottle of pinot (or something) and walking towards the infamous Notre Dame! I don’t know if drinking near Notre Dame is bad style, but who cares, we are tourists, right?!

Anyhow. Later we used Couchsurfing (an app, which you should totally get!) to find some cool, interesting people to hang out with. Isabelle responded and suggested to a meet up at this tapas place not too far away. Diama and I were up for it, and we bought another bottle of vino for the trip.

Isabelle turned out to be this lovely German girl, who studied as a pastry chef in Paris. She was fluent in German, French, and English btw. Impressive! The tapas was insanely good and so was the wine. We stayed there for several hours before going to another bar for beer and porto. Next to the bar was a huge line of people waiting to get into a fire station. Yes, a fire station. Bastille Day is a national holiday, where they do this. Look it up. There is lots of fireworks involved :D

This brunch was INSANE!

Diama had some quiche

And Dizzy had this quinoa-based this

Diama eating his quiche :D

Youngster, hipsters, and geezer where using the park alike

Petanque-image with a witty nonsense title

Public drinking

Diama sharing the love :D

After seeing this paiting we got interested and moved closer

Much closer! (and took a couple of poser-images)

We found a church (they're everywhere)

Much needed colorful picture to balance it out

Mariah Carey, I think, idk

Candles, candles everywhere!

Uh, the bar! Diama enjoys it fo sho!

And this is Isabelle

Tapas and wine for the gods!

And thus ends the fourth chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy with starting my studies once again and moving to a new apartment (yay!) :D

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama