Misadventuring, hobo-style! // Bye Bye Dei

1807 - Chapter Nine

We looked up the rules for sleeping in parks in Nice. It was illegal. We did it anyway. Desperate times calls for tents in parks! A weird sound woke us up, sort of a ‘clunk clunk’. What the hell is that?! Turned out that our park was filled with petanque fields, and the sound came from an early bird training his skills. We hurriedly packed our tent and went down the hill for the finalization of our misadventures. Diama was leaving for home, and I was going to stay in and around Nice for another week.

Ello from the sleeping hoboes ;)

What is “time” anyway?

We found water two meters from the tent directly after the movie ended.. :D



Diama's freshly wash power stance

Might have been a long way up, but the view was worth it!


And so it ends: “We’re getting run down, bye bye”

This trip has been a pleasure for sure! Plenty of misadventures, new friends, lovely food, vino, sun-tan, swimming, laughing, and, of course, hitchhiking. We set out with the goal of just getting to France, but we ended up with much more than just the displacement! Thanks to all the people we met on our way, the drivers, the hosts, the friends, and the strangers too. Without you, we would have gotten nowhere!

Final best regards,
Dizzy and Diama