Aalborg to Hannover in One Ride!

1007 - Chapter One

This is the story, or misadventure if you will, of two unlikely comrades and their travels from the cold and rainy land of Denmark to the far warmer and sunny land of France. The heroes of this story are Kasper ‘Dizzy’ Dissing Bargsteen and Deimantas ‘Diama’ Jurevičius.

Kasper 'Dizzy' Dissing Bargsteen

Deimantas 'Diama' Jurevičius

We started off in Aalborg around noon, and we quickly found a car going south. They were, in fact, two German bus drivers going, in their private car, to Hannover in Germany. Awesome. And on we went! On the way we saw a bit of Hamburg - I mean, really, just the tip!

This is obviously Hamburg. Look at the cranes!

The Bus Drivers and Dizzy

So here we were, at a gas station just north of Hannover. Goodbyes were said to our lovely hosts on wheels, and we even had the time to take a quick group photo with them. Although someone had to hold the camera…

Map of the Day

The sun was setting, and we were quite pleased with our hitchhiking effort so far. We had our tent and used an old timey map to find our path to the nearest town (or Google Maps - whatever you’d like to believe). On our journey, we saw many things and tasted many treats.

Things: Cows

Treats: Snails

And we were, once again, pleased with our trip

We set up our camp in a small park in the city of [insert extremely German sounding name of a town] Schwarmstedt. Tonight’s dinner was cooked on Dizzy’s travel stove and it consisted of couscous and other ingredients!

Diama Preparing Dinner

Dizzy Cooking (apparently)

Diama Cooking

Dinner is Served!

Update: I found a video from this day!

And so the dinner was served, eaten, enjoyed, and accompanied by several proper German beers! Thus ends the first chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama. Stay tuned for more!

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama