Buffets and Beaches

1607 - Chapter Seven

Woke up in Irene’s rather humid house ready for a peachy beach adventure. Plenty of videos to go along, so I’ll keep my rambling ramblings short. Enjoy!

Breakfast with our lovely host, Irene

Taking stock of the surroundings

Already drunk..

Diama staring into the glaring sun, as the sea settles

A hopeful fisherman preparing for throw-out

Woh Ouh, this ain't good. Where's the water at?(In a shocked fish voice)

Marseille is by all definitions a coastal city. A beautiful one at that.

Random biker dude #3

Sunburnt? Nah, we're just blushing!


Sorry for intruding, but your sunday on the rocks was very picturesque!

One of the cool French girls! (Gabrielle)

Boat, no relation

Aaand one of the other cool French girls (Marie)

Take these mandarins! They will bring you good fortune, he said insistingly.

The all-might gate to Hell

Hell’s Gate!

There was some cool-beans light!

I was showing off how good I am at using my head

The French boy, Dimitri

Wanderlust 3: Ready For the Top

“We’re in agony”

And thus ends the sixth chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama.

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama