Hold on, Marseille! We’re coming over

1507 - Chapter Six

Sleeping with your friends by the lake, doesn’t that just sound idyllic? Like something out of a fairy tale about two guys hitchhiking to France.
I woke up with a mild hangover and sneaked out of the tent. The others were still asleep, and I went for a morning swim in the lovely water.
A little later, our friends, the strangers, cooked us a nice breakfast and brewed some extremely strong coffee. If you aren’t awake after such a cup, then something is surely wrong with you!
We packed our gear and headed for a gas station on a highway. The route was quite scenic due to being primarily inside this regional park. When we reached the gas station we joked about how fast we could get a ride. Gaëtan and Hortense had given us some tips about the license plates and their corresponding regions - so we knew what to look for. I went for a quick trip to the bathroom only to find Dei with a ride ready to go when I came back. Unbelievable, I was gone like two minutes :D We said our goodbyes and were then on our way towards the south of France.
A few hours later we were dropped off at another gas station, where we would soon find Irene, who not only gave us a ride - but also a roof.

Strong coffee in the making

Dei studying the wave patterns (on a belly full of jelly)

Break thy fast

And Hortense again!

Le Volkswagen

The new friends

Epic pose, dude

Whaeh? Oh hi!


Driver's ready!

Ready to roll!

Map of the Day!

And thus ends the sixth chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama.

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama