Oh hey doggie!

1107 - Chapter Two

Boy, did we have an interesting night!? Dogs running into the side of the tent, drunk Germans, and bright and early runners. It had it all, to say the least, but we slept none the less.
I, Dizzy, woke up before Diama and took a little video explaining my thoughts and actions to come. So here it comes. Video content, as promised. (Dizzys and Diamas always pay their debts (and keep their promises). That is unless dragons get in our way).

Mornings be quiet

After breakfast, we hitchhiked back to the gas station on the highway. It took us a while to find a proper ride, but eventually, we found one going towards France. Once we were on the direct highway to Belgium and France, things eased up quite a bit, and we soon found ourselves in Danish company! It was another pair of traveling comrades, but these ones had a DIY house on wheels. (Look them up on Instagram to see some images from their trip!).

Ride along to get along

Diama and Jonas chatting it up

Jonas and Jens, the Danes

After several lovely hours in the back of the Danish car, we had reached our destination for the night. It was a gas station (of course) near a town called Assevillers. A proper group photo was taken (top of this page), and we walked towards the town as the darkness took over the light.

Map of the Day

We found a park to put up our tent and ate a quick dinner before turning in. Watch the video for more details.

Nighttime snacking

Wisdom of the Day: Say hello to strangers - they usually don't bite!

Thus ends the second chapter of The Misadventures of Dizzy and Diama. We’ll leave you with these wise words of the day or as the French calls it La sagesse du jour.

More chapters will come soon!

Best regards,
Dizzy and Diama